Why No Censor Until Now, Release Time Due To World Cup Match Tomorrow, In Theatres On THIS Date With Uunchai, Teaser Details & Super Star Shah Rukh Khan To Greet Fans Tomorrow !!

There are zillions of rumours and millions of trade experts out there on internet who claimed to have seen teaser, know the length and god knows what all. As always we are bringing you MOST EXCLUSIVE details about Pathaan Teaser right here right now.

Remember we brought you full detail scene description of super star’s cameo from Laal Singh Chaddha and Brahmastra BEFORE CENSOR before anyone else and here the tradition continues.

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Pathaan Teaser To Be Out Tomorrow On THIS time:

Pathaan teaser to be out tomorrow on super star’s birthday as expected by fans and there can not be a better way to celebrate his birthday as this moment has come after long wait of almost 4 years. Teaser should be out by 11-11:30 am as India is slated to okay a very important must win World Cup match against Bangladesh tomorrow at 1:30 pm.

Makers will want maximum eyeballs and in this country cricket is the only phenomenon which can challenge cinema anytime anywhere.

As we all know YouTube has become crucial device of monetisation for makers and that is why teaser will ONLY be available on YouTube.

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Pathaan Teaser To Be Out With Uunchai

Pathaan Teaser Will Come Out In Cinemas On THIS Date With THIS Film:

Teaser will be out in theatres on 11th November with Uunchai as that film will be distributed by YRF and by then maximum online consumption will be done. Yes so watch it on big screens from 11th November and that’s another EXCLUSIVE piece of information from us.

Shah Rukh Khan Will Greet His Fans:

Yes as per earlier tradition, super star SRK will greet his fans on his birthday either on an event or online though details are sketchy but more or less, he is certain to interact with his fans.

Teaser Detail :

Teaser is said to be 1 minute 19 seconds long and will depict all characters with full throttle. SRK’s hot look and high octane sequence with closing dialogue are more than good enough to make it as one of the most successful teasers ever.

So wait and Watch tomorrow- जल्दी मिलते हैं पठान से ।

Stay tuned for more latest news, hindi box office news, hollywood news, ott news, latest bollywood news, latest box office news !

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