Urvashi Rautela On Post Stalking Claims Regarding Rishabh Pant

These days, Urvashi Rautela is quite visible on social media. Urvashi always appears to have something profound to say. Users who viewed the actress’s images and videos noticed her interacting with Rishabh Pant. Urvashi was charged with stocking Rishabh Pant by many individuals as well. Urvashi has posted a video in response to all of these accusations.

Urvashi continues to trend on Twitter every single day because of her posts. Followers of Urvashi claim that she supports Rishabh Pant. Numerous memes about him have already been created before this. When the time was right, Urvashi responded to those who had teased her.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Urvashi writes,“First in Iran Mahsa Amini and now in India… it’s happening with me they’re bullying me as a stalker??? No one cares about me or supports me… A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow as abundantly as her laughter. She is both soft and powerful, is both practical and spiritual. She’s a gift to the world,”


The rumours of Urvashi and Rishabh dating started in 2018 when they were seen together at restaurants and public events. However, in 2019, Rishabh denied dating Urvashi. He also announced his relationship with his girlfriend Isha Negi. Earlier this year, Urvashi had hinted that Rishabh was once waiting for her at a hotel for almost 10 hours. She had said in an interview that a man, ‘Mr RP’, was waiting to meet her while she was sleeping after a busy day. He felt bad for her after seeing his ’16-17 missed call’. Rishabh then took to Instagram to point indirectly at Urvashi, saying, “It’s weird how people lie in interviews to get some less popularity and to get into the limelight. Sadly some How people are thirsty for fame and name. God bless them.”

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