Two Malayalam Actresses Allege Sexually Harassment During A Promotional Event In A North Kerala Mall

A popular Malayalam film actress has made a shocking revelation through her post on Instagram. She told that she was sexually assaulted during the promotion of the film in a mall in North Kerala. Referring to the incident that happened to her in this post, the actress said that another actress also experienced the same during an event held at the busy mall late Tuesday night. A purported video of the incident also went viral on social media and was also aired by local TV channels.

Sharing the post, the actress said, “Kozhikode is a place that I loved dearly. But, while returning from an event at night, a man from the crowd caught me. I feel disgusted even saying this. Are people around us so disappointed? We went to many places for promotions, but I have never had such a bad experience. The same thing happened with my fellow actress.”Another actress who was abused by the mob. She has also shared her painful experience through her Instagram. 

She further said, “I wish no one has to face this kind of unwanted trauma in their life, for violence against women there will be consequences and actions against these misogynistic individuals.”

Another Actress who went through similar experience said “I wish no one has to face this kind of unwanted trauma in their life,”

Their team took legal action against the culprits. On the whole matter, the police say that investigation has been started from their side and efforts are being made to identify and trace the culprits. Moreover, the crowd gathered there to see their favorite actor at a promotional event organized in the same mall went out of control. After which the entire program had to be shortened.

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