Ranbir Alia Starrer Brahmastra Looking To Take Massive Advantage Of National Cinema Day With Close To Double Digit 3rd Friday, 255 cr nett All India Lifetime Guaranteed

Brahmastra is now global juggernaut and has awaken box office for Bollywood films. Film released worldwide on 9th September.

Film collected massive weekend of 123 cr nett in India over 1st weekend and 180 cr nett plus in week one. Film has crossed 217 cr nett domestic after 2nd weekend. Film was equally amazing overseas as it collected 6 million $ in 1st weekend and 9 million $ in 1st week. Film stands at 12.5 million $ after 2nd weekend.

Film collected massive 173 cr nett All India All Language and 153 cr nett in Hindi in week one. Film collected total 18.50 cr in south languages over week.

Film started 2nd week on positive note and held well despite drops on weekdays. Film collected 10.25 cr nett on 2nd Friday which was 20% jump over Thursday which tells volume about film’s acceptance. As expected, film jumped by 50% on 2nd Saturday and collected 15.75 cr nett All India and 14.50 cr nett in Hindi. Notably this is higher than opening day of every Hindi film this year,even higher than Bhool Bhullaiya 2.

Film again jumped by 20% on Sunday as expected and collected 18.25 cr nett All India All languages/17 cr nett in Hindi. Film dropped by close to 50% on 2nd Monday which was expected as prices were down by 25%. Film added 4.50 cr nett All India/4 cr nett in Hindi on Monday. Film dropped further and collected 3.70 cr nett on Tuesday.

It means film will add 56-58 cr nett in 2nd week which is fantastic. Film has total of 223 nett and will be 200 cr nett in Hindi.

Now here is the big plus. Film can easily notch huge jump on 3rd Friday as most of the cinemas are part of National Cinema Day and ticket prices will be 75 INR. Brahmastra will run close to capacity on Friday and collect close to 8.5-10 cr nett. That will take film to close to 250 cr nett All India All Language & 225 cr nett Hindi by end of 3rd weekend.

Following is the Worldwide collection breakdown after Day 12 :

All India All Languages (Hindi)

Day 1: 37.50 cr (31.5 cr)

Day 2: 41.50 cr (37.5 cr)

Day 3: 46 cr (39.5 cr)

Day 4: 16.25 (14 cr)

Day 5: 12.25 cr (11.25 cr)

Day 6: 10.50 cr (9.60 cr)

Day 7: 9.75 cr (9 cr)

Week 1: 173.75 cr nett

2nd Week

Day 8: 10.25 cr (9.35 cr)

Day 9: 15.25 cr (14 cr)

Day 10:18.25 cr (17 cr)

Day 11: 4.50 cr (4 cr)

Day 12: 3.70 cr (3.40 cr)

Grand Total: 226.15 cr nett (201.10 cr)

All India Gross: 273 cr

Overseas Gross:

Total Weekend One: 8 million $ (64 cr INR)

Total Week One: 11 million $ (88 cr INR)

Total Weekend Two: 12.30 million $ (99 cr INR)

Worldwide Gross: 372 Cr Gross

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