On Social Media, Distributors Call Out Salman, Chiranjeevi Starrer ‘Godfather’  For Unethical And Defamation Practices. Pics & Details Inside!

The Chiranjeevi-starrer Godfather will be released tomorrow on the auspicious day of Dussehra. Fans are thrilled about the movie because Salman Khan makes a cameo appearance and it is a real delight. The movie, directed by Mohan Raja, is an officially Telugu adaptation of the political thriller Lucifer from Malayalam. The original version, which starred Mohanlal, Vivek Oberoi, and others, was a big success with audiences and reviewers alike.

The producers of the film have been accused by distributors of engaging in unscrupulous business methods. In order to negotiate the arrangement, renowned film distribution consultant Dilip Soni called the producer RB Chaudhary and NV Prasad to the distributors. As a consultant, Dilip Soni was meant to receive his portion of the proceeds after the agreement was completed.

However, producer RB Chaudhary and director NV Prasad went straight to Panorama Studios in order to save this consultancy money, deceivingly leaving Dilip out of the contract.
In every promotion event, someone else went and took Dilip’s place. The success of the movie is impacted by all of these factors. The Godfather trailer has received a lot of positive feedback from viewers, and it is hoped that it will do well at the box office and become a massive one.

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