Netizens Compare VFX Between Ra.One And Brahmastra, Conclude ‘SRK Did It First’ In 2011

The recently released Ayan Mukerji directed Brahmastra has received applause from moviegoers, especially the VFX and Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo appearance as Bhargav, a NASA employee.

Fans have  resurfaced Shah Rukh’s old video where he discusses the then-upcoming movie Ra.One and the significance of innovation and VFX in Indian film industry.

“11 years ago, he made Ra.One and now almost every big movie is vfx heavy. The kind of movie bollywood should be making, technology, quality and source materials for that, everything said a decade ago is spot on and relevant today. Especially about people, who would lose interest if not improved,” read the Reddit thread’s observation that shared SRK’s video.

He talked about one of India’s first and courageous acts to do something different at that time. Coincidentally, both Bramastra and Ra.One spent approximately Rs 60 crores on the VFX cost.

One of the Twitter users commented, “I legit preferred Ra One to #Brahmastra.” Indeed, SRK is called “King” of Bollywood for a right reason as he predicted the future of Bollywood industry prior to Ayan Mukerji even, who came up with Brahmastra’s idea.

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