Kriti Sanon’s Mother Told Her Not To Do Lust Stories, Sidharth-Kiara To Marry Soon & Lots More!

It was Karan Johar’s short film in the Netflix anthology Lust Stories that effectively made Kiara Advani a household celebrity, even though her career in Bollywood officially began with the 2014 film Fugly. But did you know that Kriti Sanon was initially courted for Kiara’s role?

Filmmaker Karan Johar said that Kriti declined the offer because her mother did not want her to do the infamous orgasm scene in the newest episode of his popular chat program Koffee with Karan. “I had offered it to Kriti Sanon, the role… and she said that her mom didn’t allow her,” the director stated. The sequence required the female lead to unabashedly perform like she was experiencing an orgasm in front of the character’s family members.

Karan then said that he feared he would not be able to cast an actor for the role because everyone’s mother could object to that particular sequence: “I thought everybody’s mom would stand in line, not allowing their daughters. It’s actually a very empowering story. It’s about a woman’s right to pleasure. So I met Kiara at Manish Malhotra’s house, and I just saw her, I knew her of course, I knew her as Alia Advani then… So I met her and I asked, ‘Can you come tomorrow and meet me, it’s for a short film.’ She came and she heard it and then she was a little zoned out.”

However, Kiara ended up saying yes to the offer, not because of the part, but because she wanted to work with Karan. Kiara was seen with Vicky Kaushal in the short.

“But I have to say that, of course that was the film, a lot of people noticed me in. But I have to say that when I signed the film, it was only to work with Karan Johar. Obviously like I grew up and I wanted to work with him. But now in retrospect, when I look back, I realise, I don’t mean it was bold, but what a brave topic to make a film on and to speak of. Because why shy away from women’s sexuality,” Kiara concluded.

Karan Johar also appears to have made a significant clue concerning the rumored marriage of Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra. In the most recent Koffee With Karan episode, Kiara revealed her marriage goals. Sidharth and Kiara are in a relationship.

When asked if she was ready for marriage, Kiara said, “I have always believed in the institution of marriage because I have seen a beautiful marriage at home. So it is definitely something I do see in my life, but I’m not revealing that on Koffee With Karan today.”

“We’ll get the location and dates by the end of the episode. She’ll be like, ‘It’s happening in Vienne in December,’” Karan teasingly told Kiara. He added, “Well, whoever you marry, we hope you marry who we think you are marrying, but we will be invited, won’t we?” To this, Kiara said, “Of course, you all will be.”

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