India’s Self Proclaimed Actress is now Box Office Expert; Brahmastra’s Success Is Indigestible For Her 

Brahmastra Part One: Shiva released in theatres on September 9, making people want to watch it after seeing numerous interesting teasers released by Dharma Productions. The opening day and next two days collected Rs 123 cr nett.

The self-proclaimed best actor has begun making remarks on the film and its team, saying, “People like Karan Johar should be questioned for their conduct. He is more interested in everyone’s sex life than in his films scripts. He self admittedly buys reviews, stars, and fake collection numbers and tickets. This time around he tried to ride Hinduism and the south wave.”

While returning from watching Brahmastra movie, moviegoers said that the self-declared actor has nothing to do than just blabber. Another said, her movie’s poster gets removed in two days in which she stars in. 

The actress whose account has been deactivated on Twitter for a long period of time didn’t spare director Ayan Mukerji even and said, “Everyone who called Ayan Mukerji a genius should be jailed immediately… He took 12 years to make this film, he replaced 14 DOP’s he shot for more than 400 days for this film and changed 85 ADs and burnt 600 crores to ashes. Also tried to exploit religious sentiments by changing the film name from Jalaluddin Rumi to Shiva last minute, because of Bahubali success…. Such opportunists, such creativity deprived people, success starved greedy people. If called geniuses then it’s not manipulation but a well thought of strategy to call din ko raat and raat ko din…”

As per reports, she is apparently not convinced with the Brahmastra’s box-office figures and wants to interview Karan Johar to challenge him over the film being hit as she is skeptical about figures. She ambiguously said that Karan is privileged and she is unprivileged.


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