‘Find Someone Who Looks At You The Way Kriti Looks At Prabhas,’ Netizens React On ‘Adipurush’ Actors Prabhas, Kriti Chemistry At Launch Event

Prabhas, the star of Bahubali, never disappoints his fans. Before the teaser for Adipurush was made public, the cast and crew, which included Prabhas and Kriti Sanon as well as director Om Raut—discussed what it was like to make the much anticipated movie and what viewers may anticipate from it.

The image, which was released on Friday, has Prabhas as Ram standing with a bow and arrow which is aimed upward. “Aarambh” was uploaded by Kriti on her photo-sharing website.

Both the actors shared a beautiful bond and their chemistry is noticed by the fans. The Netizens’ attention was caught when they saw both of the actors together at a party. “Find someone who looks at you the way kriti sanon looks at #Prabhas ❤️,” commented a fan. Another said, “we see it.”

Many cute gestures were seen such as holding each other’s hand, Kriti offering dupatta when Prabhas was sweating. Fans reacted beautifully after witnessing this bond and this new pair and they were accepted by audiences.

This new pair are the latest celebrities who are seen together romantically. Apart from this Prabas has never been with any other actress before. Let’s see what we get to learn in future!

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