Exclusive: After Years, The Pain Of This Producer Spilled, Said

Actor Sunny Deol ruled cinema for a long time. People still remember the characters of many of Sunny’s films. Not only this, the dialogues of many of Sunny’s films also remind people of that era. Sunny Deol, who has ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ and a powerful image, looks absolutely innocent during the interview. But film producer Sunil Darshan has said a big thing about Sunny Deol during an interview.

Sunil said that Sunny Deol has cheated on him. According to Sunil, Sunny had signed a film with him. Also took its fee, but refused to do the film. After that the fee was not refunded. According to a news article published in ABP, producer Sunil Darshan told in an interview that Sunny moved to London even before the release of the film ‘Ajay’. After this the film was released without ending. Although the film was well received by the audience and became a hit.

Revealed about Sunny Deol

Sunil said that during this time Sunny Deol pressured me to support him in his career. After this, I worked for a year and made a film. Sunny Deol signed for this film and also took a fee. But after Sunny Deol turned back from doing this film.

Also, he did not return the fees he took for the film. Sunil told during the interview that he had prepared the film ‘Jaanwar’  keeping Sunny Deol in mind. He also narrated the story of this film to Sunny Deol. But Sunny’s intentions were not right and he refused to do this film. Also, when Sunil asked him for the fee back, he refused.

Akshay kumar movie

Sunil told during the interview that he wrote the film ‘Jaanwar’ keeping Sunny Deol in mind. But when Sunny Deol refused, the film went to Akshay Kumar’s account. Akshay Kumar played the lead role in this film. This film proved to be quite a bang in Akshay Kumar’s career. This film gave impetus to the identity of Akshay Kumar and his stalled career gained momentum.

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