EVO Entertainment Group Launches Main Character Energy Campaign

Courtesy EVO Entertainment

EVO Entertainment Group invites guests to tap into their ‘Main Character Energy’ with its latest advertising campaign. The campaign follows a family of four each living out their main character moments in scenes that guests can experience for themselves. EVO’s Schertz, TX location invites guests to experience their own red carpet moment on Friday, October 21st with a Sisu Cinema Robotics device used for motion capture social media takeaways. The campaign is inspired by TikTok and social media viral trends of positivity and becoming your best self. Agency partner Idea Peddler collaborated on the campaign’s development with EVO’s in-house marketing team.

“Main Character Energy is more than a feeling for our customers and guests,” says Marissa Blomstrom, chief marketing officer for EVO Entertainment Group. “EVO makes everyone the star of their own life every day. We’re so happy to harness that energy in this advertising campaign and this one-of-a-kind experience that we’re able to bring to the Central Texas community.”

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