Cliche Writing And Jarring Performances Make For Tepid Watch

Babli Tanwar (Tamannaah Bhatia) is a small-town carefree girl with an aim to marry a guy chosen by her parents. She meets her teacher’s son Viraj (Abhishek Bajaj) at an event, loves him and decides to do a job as he likes independent girls. With the help of Kukku (Sahid Vaid), she becomes a bouncer at a night pub in Delhi. Did Viraj accept her love? What happened next in her life? These questions will be answered in the main movie. In my perspective the biggest plus points are this is the first of its kind role for Tamannaah. She needs to be appreciated for accepting a different role. She fits well in the role of Babli, a tom-boy kind of girl with spontaneity, sense of humour and also innocence. Besides, Sahid Vaid delivers a good performance as Kukku.

Though his scenes are very few, he makes us laugh with his innocent performance.

Abhishek Bajaj, Saurabh Shukla, and Sabyasachi Chakrabarthy justify their roles. The crispy runtime is one of the finest things about the movie. The negative Pointers are the big letdown is the direction of famous filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar.

No one can expect this kind of film from the National Award Winner. One who is aware of his sensational filmography will definitely feel bad for the director after watching this film.

The story is quite simple and absolutely poor yet predictable. Not a single scene in the film looks fresh and also fails to amuse viewers. The pale story with laggy screenplay makes Babli Bouncer a routine drama. The lag in the scenes tests our patience.

Though Tamannaah shoulders the film from the first frame to the last frame, the film fails to impress as it lacks an interesting story and engaging narration. The biggest question is what Madhur Bhandarkar wanted to say with this film. The efforts of Tamannaah are in vain. Madhur Bhandarkar could have written a better story that justifies the title. Maybe this is why the makers opted for a direct OTT release. The climax is not appealing as well, blame the story


In Tamannaah, Madhur has a star who seems keen on an image change. A competent actress, she is not bad in the fun and emotional parts and aces the local accent. But despite suspending disbelief, the bubbly actor doesn’t come across as a bouncer or a girl who shuns lipstick. Perhaps, someone has told her that the lead actor’s emotions should be visible from at least a kilometre. But such instructions have not been passed on to Shukla and Sahil! Such bold strokes work for the Baahubali kind of cinema, but not in subjects that demand immersion.

Perhaps, Madhur didn’t want to lose out on the family audience, but it results in a generic coming-of-age film with no identity of its own.

Madhur Bhandarkar fails to create magic with the Babli Bouncer. Music by Tanishk Bagchi and Karan Malhotra is average and songs are not up to the mark. Editing could have been better by chopping off a few scenes. The production values are good and so is the camerawork.


On the whole, Babli Bouncer is an unimpressive movie with poor writing and direction. Tamannaah is impressive and those who admire her might like the flick. With no second thought, audiences can skip Babli Bouncer.



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