Bhumi Pednekar Trolled And Compared With Urfi For Her Dress On Diwali Party. Netizens React!

One of Bollywood’s most attractive actresses, Bhumi Pednekar, has delighted many with her impeccable sense of style. Bhumi had previously attracted notice with her stunning appearance at Bollywood actors’ Diwali parties, but when she arrived at Sonam Kapoor’s Diwali party, people were incensed by her appearance. Not only that, but numerous lies were also told to her.

Actually, Sonam Kapoor hosted a lavish celebration on the occasion of Diwali at her home. At this celebration, many Bollywood celebrities could be seen. The list also includes Bhumi Pednekar’s name. In a really elegant avatar, Bhumi made an appearance at this celebration. She held an attire that looked very outlandishly Indian. Bhumi Pednekar was spotted at Sonam Kapoor’s celebration wearing a white saree and a very exposed blouse. Bhumi finished off her appearance with subtle makeup and loose hair.

Although Bhumi Pednekar looked stunning in this outfit, social media fans did not appreciate the actress’ fashion sense. Many users have suggested that Bhumi dress appropriately. “At least taking the name of God, then dress decently,” one person said. Another person said, “How unsettling this is. On its face, it is clearly visible. The same user said, “It can never look decent. wears whatever.” Several people have also drawn comparisons to Urfi.

The actress most recently appeared in the movie ‘Raksha Bandhan’ with Akshay Kumar. A long queue of movies is currently forming close to Bhumi. Soon, the actress will appear in the movie ‘Govinda Naam Mera’.

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