Ayushmann Khurrana To Star As Second Lead Besides Ajay Devgn In A Neeraj Pandey Directorial?

The actor Ajay Devgn and the director Neeraj Pandey are rumoured to be working together on the movie Chanakya, which was announced on July 11, 2018, but hasn’t seen any more progress even after four years. In order to complete the necessary additional research and planning, the ambitious film about the life and teachings of the greatest political philosopher and economist in ancient Indian history has been put on hold.

As time passed, it was discovered that the film’s makers had postponed the production and decided not to proceed with it. However, Neeraj Pandey’s movie recently received a brand-new upgrade.

Not only Ajay Devgn but also Ayushmann Khurrana may appear in the movie as per reports. However, it has not been revealed what the title of this movie would be.
According to a source in PeepingMoon, Neeraj Pandey has already signed Ajay Devgn for this untitled project while he is still in talks with Khurrana to join it. This untitled thriller is said to be quite stunning.

Ajay Devgn may become the producer of this movie in addition to performing a central role. Regarding the plot of the movie, rumours indicate that it would be a suspenseful thriller with two heroes. Ayushmann Khurrana will play the second lead, with Ajay Devgn taking on the lead part.

Ajay Devgn and Ayushmann Khurrana are currently busy working on their individual projects, and their movies – Thank God and Doctor G, are getting ready to take off at the box office.

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