After Kill Bil Remake With Kriti Sanon Now Naagin Starring Shraddha Kapoor Is Also Not Shelved, Claims Producer Nikhil Dwivedi!

In recent years, Shraddha Kapoor has not appeared in any significant Bollywood roles. His “Naagin” trilogy has reportedly been placed in cold storage, according to reports. But producer Nikhil Dwivedi has refuted these reports. The project is large, thus Nikhil claims that work has been ongoing and will shortly begin. In this movie based on the “Naagin” trilogy, Shraddha is starring.

The majority of the girl next door roles were going to Shraddha Kapoor. Such Shraddha desired to create a persona that would alter her perception as an artist. When Nikhil presented him with the “Naagin” trilogy plan, he liked it and accepted it right away. After talking on this for a long time, when this film did not start, it was said that it has been postponed.

According to rumours, the ‘Naagin’ trilogy was unable to begin due of the movie’s excessively high budget. Producer Nikhil Dwivedi dismissed all of this news in an interview with Times of India. These are all rumours, according to Nikhil, and the movie is still open. The production of this movie, starring Shraddha Kapoor, is ongoing. The current instalment of the “Naagin” franchise is almost finished.

Nikhil Dwivedi claims that the plot of Naagin would be based on long-held myths. Its picturization will be in a totally different style at the same time. There will be adventure, love, and retribution in it. The movie’s VFX will also receive a lot of attention. In this high-budget movie, numerous actors will play significant roles. The character and appearance of Shraddha have also undergone a lot of detail work.

In 2020, she was seen in the film ‘Baaghi 3’. Since then the fans are waiting for his film. Now she will soon be seen in Luv Ranjan’s romantic comedy.Stay tuned for latest news, hindi box office news, hollywood news, ott news, latest bollywood news and latest box office news.

What makes it even more interesting that another Nikhil Dwivedi production starting Kriti Sanon and to be directed by Anurag Kashyap was also put on hold. It was remake of Hollywood biggie Kill Bil but again makers claimed that film is under production and will start soon!

It seems Nikhil has too much on plate and nothing is taking off as yet!

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